About Us

Hello everyone,

      I’m Narendra Parihar the Author of this Blog/website. This Blog/website is a collective effort of my team. We all are of same age group pursuing engineering. Our collective knowledge will help us to give the best possible content regarding cars. Some of you might be thinking why the Blog/website is having the name as featured cars. This is because we feature a new car every week on our Blog/website.  

In this Blog/website you will find detailed  information about various cars in Indian market as well as in global market. We also feature some of the vintage vehicles which change the history of transportation. We also give a brief review of every new launched car in the Indian market as well as in global market.


     Our team consists of 4 members :-

  1. Author
  2. Data Collector
  3. Garage Mechanic
  4. Mechanical engineer.


     Our goal is to provide first hand knowledge regarding cars which are available in the market.

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"There is no second chance"
NArendra PArihar
Car Blogger